Nerd time- Antiques

Here's the thing.
Loving old stuff is one of the biggest and only cliches I choose to publicly embrace.
I hate it when people say "We're going antiquing!" but really, it's probably one of my favorite things to do. If you couldn't tell.
so utah.
a big part of why I love antique stores is because (ready for this nerd time?) it holds so much HISTORY.
I'm pretty sure I barely passed history, or got a B, or something. moral of the story: the class, nahh.
but you walk into an antique shop and BAM. surrounded by every era from Orville and Wilbur (or way before) to Woodstock.
We saw a Sailor's uniform... like what the heck guys. a SAILOR WORE THAT.
We saw a million wedding dresses (a million now means around ten) that some cute little chick in the 40s wore on her wedding day.
AND. a freakins SWEET couch probably from the early 1900s that was shaped like this )___(
yeah doesn't make sense, but whatevs. I should have taken more pictures.
I think it's the closest I'll ever get to living in another decade (which if i had to choose... I wouldn't be able to. all of them. I wish Midnight in Paris was a real thing, except that it happened everywhere. I would HAVE TO MEET ELLA FIZTGERALD)
I love those darn antique stores.
Although... they do give me the creeps sometimes. I'm not a huge fan of venturing out alone to hit em up.
but it's whatevs.
There's your nerd time of the week.
(that just became a thing)
I'm gonna go get ready for my saturday of lunch with a couple of darling girls, and then a whole day of homework!! :) :) :)
bye now! happy weekend!

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