hmm... no title!

ok but really. it's time for this "stuffy nose" bidness to get the H outta my life.
I want to be able to smell again.
Although, I'm pretty sure it saved my life today.
PAUSE. story time.
you see, I was in the mood to clean. ( i know, right?) so I whipped out the KABOOM, and cleaned my shower. pretty dang fumey up in there.
and then, I took a shower. K, my bathroom is pretty small. so I started letting my imagination get out of control, and within seconds I was picturing my own episode of "1000 Ways to Die"
but it's ok, cause my icky nose made it harder for me to breathe in alla those chemicals. (I was still breathing through my nose. just not as easily)
OK SERIOUSLY! who even wants to hear this crap?
moral of the story... time to get better!

I am ALMOST done with my dummmmmb paper on "Sexual Abstinence"
Holly, weren't you working on that like, a week ago?
yep. yep I was. it drags on. I hate english.but I can't complain, cause the word "midterms" hasn't been mentioned in either of my classes.
blessed am I.

I have the huge urge to craft somethin cute up... but I'm not letting myself until I'm done with my paper.

and what am I doing right now?

I rock.

Have a simply splendid Tuesday,


probably one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. I want to recreate it, in a less-blurry, more "musical" fashion, if you will.

any takers?


  1. Stuffy noses unite! But seriously, I agree. It sucks.

    PS I'll help you recreate if you'd like.

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