El colorado

I'm one happy girl. DESPITE the fact that my hormones won't calm the freak down, and I've been pretty pmsy all dang week.
Today was so good.
On the flight, I didn't sit next to a weirdo who liked to make small talk. just a friendly but quiet middle-aged dad-type guy. whew.
Then me and Jill went shopping for 5 hours. the mall here. is INSANE.
the best part? AMERICAN GIRL PLACE!!! suriously, it has been my dream since birth to go there. (and work there.)... which I might do! so yeah. that was happy.
 It's so cool guys, you see,when you drive down the freeway, you see no orange. It's the best freaking thing ever.
Then we ate at Famous Dave's. As said on twitter, if I could marry a food, it would be those cornbread muffins.
I'm gonna go write allen po pallen a letter and prepare his lovely package, which will only take a day to get there, on account of... just a state away!
PS.  colorado is flat. well. to the east, it looks like Kansas. to the west, it looks like how you would picture Colorado. It is beautiful here and I love it.
Also, Emily we miss you sooo bad and wish you were here!! FOR REALS. Love you!
I'm gonna go now.
oh duh, pictures. here.

Me and my nice Colorado-appropriate plaid.

just singing..
Orange-less freeway

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