the dream jobs of miss holly

Here's the thing.
Shabby Apple.
they have THEE COOLEST photoshoots I have ever seen. I like the style and location much better than Anthro, which is ridiculously expensive and "modern".
ok... we're gonna say my TWO DREAM JOBS.
Work on the set of Shabby Apple photoshoots. I wouldn't even demand to be the photographer... just gimme a chance to stand around in awe of the magnificence, will ya?
the clothes, the locations, the creativity. 
absolute heaven.
you guessed it. A photojournalist for LIFE Magazine. 
that is the most unrealistic of them all, I'm afraid. that's why it put it second.
But really. Probably the sweetest gig EVER. 
Traveling, shooting, surrounded by culture and candid photo opportunities. 
b a m
Oh what I life that would be.
For now, I'll just stick to writing my research paper on sexual abstinence, so I can get through my generals, so I can get through college, so I can be a cute stylish artsy creative first grade teacher.
I think that sounds pretty good.
also, being a stay-at-home mom sounds supreme as well. yes it does.
Also, if you are grumpy or somethin, listen to some Sinatra and Fiztgerald and Armstrong. 
Listen to them WHILE getting ready in the morning.
You are gaurunteed a prime day after that.
 Happy Thursday!

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