Nadine's time in Denver

this, my friends.
is quite overdue.
I only had my camera one day in Denver, but ehh. I'll be back.
 oh just the window in my room

 welcome to antique row!... don't go on a monday.

 umm.. KIND SICK, right?

 apparently my antiquing outfit...

 my bff jill

 ok.. this was like, the script and making of the movie. kinda super RAD. too bad it weighed 44 pounds and was probs prettyyyy expensivoso. 

                                                 gnarly                                      looka dos' hats.

 one o'clock two o'clock three o'clock rock.
happy dayssss

 CREEPIEST most crowded antique store in the world. (it's basically an attic stuffed with old crap) but the onlyyy one with life magazines. so props.

 if you know me, you know I have a necklace almost exactly like this and wear it almost every day.
it's my most prized posession.
this one was cheapo and the flowers were way smaller.
and mine probably wasn't imported from taiwan like this one.

 mile high

 the day Peyton got traded. not that I care. this one's for you fans.. but mostly isaac.
 this was accidentally a pretty cooel picture!

 HAHAHA our drinks that we only bought cause you got to keep the cups... they lit up.
we didn't check the price. I guessed it right though. so worth it.

 the Molly Brown house and museum! SOOOO COOL!!! seriously. bah. loved it all.

 there were tons of houses in the "historic" part of denver, super awesome to just drive through!

So there you have it folks! I'm considering just failing math so I can go back in a week :(
I miss it real bad.
and I miss jill real bad.

hey. happy conference weekend!

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