classy or comfy. can't have both.

WHO here, is proud of my uncanny consistency with blogging lately?
well I am. and I'm sure my mother is too.
kids, I think it was a good day. I THINK. it is a good life.

In case you were wondering, I went to Target last night, and good news: I didn't hate it.
I'm actually getting used to things, and accepting the change ;)

I bought bobby pins, gum for isaac, and an XXL Mens longsleeved T shirt for 5 dolla! (and not one of those cheap kinds that are always 5 dolla. CLEARANCE baby.)
It fits perfectly!
HA. just kidding. way huge, but the comfiest thing ever.
Wanna see what I look like right now?
wouldn't be an in-the-mirror picture without the classic photographer face. 

There we have the big ol' T shirt

and then of course the cut-off
sweats. (truthfully I added those to the picture for modesty purpose)

those socks are THEE BEST thing that has (have?) ever happened to me. I would wear them every single day every single minute if it wasn't weird.

I'm such a happy human right now.

Oh, and I'm also drinking hazelnut vanilla hot chocolate.

I only have to go to three hours of work tomorrowww!!
then it's off to LOGAN with my family! well... the birds-in-the-nest portion of my family :)

Jethy, you better be exthited.
cauthe I am. I theriouthly. am.

ok, I think I don't have much more to sayyyy. so I'll be going now!
have a splendid frideyyy!

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