CHEERS to the sisters

Here's the deal... there is no one I feel greater sorrow for, than those with no sisters.
seriously, they are the greatest things EVER. Brothers are grand too, totally. but sister, BAH. lovely.
Having one sister is aight, but I was lucky enough to have TWO!!!

Me and Denver facetime weekly, but that still doesn't seem to be enough, cause she's coming down on TUESDAYYYY and then I'm following her back to Colorado. oot OOT! oh, and she's sleeping in my house so that will be fun times for all.

Me and the Saratoga Springs one talk and see eachother weekly as well, and I'm so grateful "fate" didn't take both my seesters out of state! She's just 20 short minutes away. and I definitely need to take advantage of that more.

I love them and I'm so dang grateful to have both of them, and I'm reeeeal grateful that they aren't crazy or nothing.
I'm also super glad they found the husbands they did. Those men are LUUUH-KEY. I'm proud to call them my brothers.
Shout out to Woodster for his new job!
and shout out to Micah for getting into grad school at the U!


on another note,
driving to logan was pretty goooood I guess.
beating jessy in uno was greater.

coming home to a letter from none other than THEE Allen Michael Carlson was pretty swell as well.

and taking a shower after feeling nasty nast all day, yes sir that was lovely.

OK... i'm getting tired, so I should probs stop typing now.

Happy Sunday to you all!

oh, here's some nice pictures so you can put a face on the hot people I have spoken of.

This here is Jillian and Woodwork! the Denver-abiding humans.

And here we have the Lehi-Abiding ones! this is one of their engagements. sorry they're not looking at the camera, but it's just such a swell picture!

 And here is the most important of all! the two hotties and their AWESOME sister..
also we were on a hill. they aren't freakishly short and I'm not freakishly tall.

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