Cat Dog?

One thing is for sure. 5 years ago, if you were to tell me and my family that we'd have a cat, we would laugh in your face.
Same thing goes for a dog. we would laugh. loud. and in your face.
We are not dog people.
We are not cat people.
But now magically, we are both.
They are so incredibly opposite, it's not even funny.
Bear, as mom has said many times, would flip you off if he had fingers.
Samson is clingy and loves people. well, not anyone.
if mom's home, it's mom. if mom's not home, it's me. then goes dad then isaac. actually i'm not sure about that.
he's the nicest dog you'll ever meet.
Unless you're a man. that one takes a while. he's not a fan.

I hate little dogs. except moe.

I love Samson, and Seamus. that's all.
sometimes I call him sam, or sa, or samsonian. 

Miles just calls him Wolf. he's not a dog! he's a wolf. (it's just about the cutest thing in this world)

Let me paint you a picture...

He's quite beautiful, wouldn't you say?
I love him.
And contrary to woody's beliefs, I will walk him faithfully every day.

The only slightly-annoying part of having such a cute and b-e-a-utiful dog is that he's pretty much a neighbor magnet. sometimes I just wanna sit on my front lawn with him and not have a million people flock to him.

but sometimes it's cute and stuff.
he's just irresistible.


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