can jeans season be over now?

The thought of putting on jeans right now just makes me an angry beaver...
but you see, my legs would blind anyone within a 3 mile radius of me if I were to wear shorts.
I don't care if they say "pale is in"... not for this girl. not. for this girl.
spring. fever.

So I'm sitting here wearing nothing but spandex and a big T shirt, waiting for my laundry to be done.
I kinda worked on homework, but turns out I didn't have much! bam.

I still need to go get a laptop cover thinger from VS. (what? true story. neon baby)
And I need to go to Target to get some last-minute vaycay thangs.

Oh, did I mention I'm going to Denver tomorrow?

Anyways. I'm gonna go find anything but jeans to wear today.

happy trails to you.


 this is Miss Amy. my sanity at work.

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