bye bye mile high

Twenty minutes ago, if I were to cry, it would be because of the dread of finding my gate at the airport, but more stressfully, the security.

Now, if I were to cry, it would be because I'm leaving this beautiful city.
Well... right now it's ugly. was anyone else unaware of the fact that Colorado is FLAT looking east of the airport? well it is. it's pretty much kansas.

I am so sad. Real life sucks. If I had no work or school, I would have legitimately stayed till... forever.
It has been the BEST most relaxing, least stressful few days of my life.
SO much sister bonding time, so much eating good food, and so much wallet emptying. (worth it)

Saturday, like I said before, I achieved my dream of going to American Girl Place. now I need to achieve my dream of working there. which is possible, since I have a place to live 20 minutes away from it.
We shopped. a lot. and ate. and watched movies.

Sunday, was great. someone once said a wise something about anywhere you go can be sooo different and confusing from where you live and what you're used to. but the church is the one constant comfort. it doesn't change, anywhere you go. I'm 500 miles away, but going to church felt like I was right at home. PLUS can we all agree right now that going to church outside of Utah is great? There's just something different.  (if anyone knows what quote I'm talking about, comment please! I think it was a general authority, or President Monson. or something)

Yesterday Jill and I ventured out to the City to explore and shop some more. but I already wrote about that stuff.

TODAY. Oh it was grand, I tell you. have you ever heard of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"? well, if you haven't, just wiki that ish. basically she's a survivor of the Titanic, who somehow became famous for it... kinda random. But she's pretty cool. and you see, she had a home in Denver, which was bought by the Historical... Society? (I think I'm getting that from vampire diaries. but you get the gist) And now you can tour through it, and there's a lil' museum and gift shop and all that jazz! the tour... WAS AWESOME. Her house is super super super old and Victorian, right on Capitol Hill. (or by it. whatevs) It's the oldest house on the street.
It's pretty much beautiful. 3 stories high. I love it.

Ok, that was nerd time in case you were wondering..

So we went to that, then we found Holly street, just for the halibut. and we just explored a little bit of the old AWESOME beautiful houses by the City, and in the city. super great.

And then she dropped me off.
and now I sit here in Terminal A, across from a man who I believe to be Sheldon Cooper's doppelganger. not joking here.
I'm pretty hungry, but I have a prime seat right now and it's filling up up in hur, and I don't wanna lose it.
So after my long, trecherous hour-long flight, I'm going to English.
I'm such a good girl.

Moral of the story: Colorado is LOVELY. Thanks Jill and Woody for taking me under your wings and letting me stay with you!
and thank you especially Jill, for showing me around everyyyywhere and doing whatEVER I wanted!
I love you guys to the mooooon and back!

Readers, stay excellent. 

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  1. I dream of working at the American Girl Place too! Or working for the company itself, in development of new dolls and such!