Bubba GUMP.

So, I have a problem. I'm pretty sure I inherited too much cheeky from the Robinson side, and I'm too public with it.
I need to work on that. and on not being so judgmental. and on not tweeting every sarcastic thought that comes to my brain.
I sure hope I don't come of as a giant biznatch. but just in case, I'm gonna fix it Y'ALL.
that's all.

so, on another note. have you heard of Bubba Gump? WALE I'll tell you about it.
It's a Forest Gump-themed seafood restaurant of SUPREME EVERYTHING. You look everywhere and you see some kind of memorobilia from the movie. the menu items are cleverly named, not to mention DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, there are only about 30-ish locations lucky enough to hold a Bubba Gump within their city limits.
I just found out.. Denver is one of them! as if I wasn't excited enough!
we get there and eat breakfast, (duh. breakfast is my favorite FOOD. not just meal). then oh I dunno... the rest of it is filled with shopping, baseball games, not utah, shopping, eating out, not utah, aaaand.. not utah. 


I'm taking my BFF's engagements tomorrow!!! WHOO!! I found a prime location, that I'm hoping turns out sweet and not... not sweet.

Also, I'd like it to be known that I complete my third journal ALL THE WAY THROUGH.
(I have a problem where I start a journal, then find a cuter one and that takes over. but the problem is gone now, don't fret)

ok, all I need to do now is get through 6 hours at work tomorrow, and I'm free till next Wednesday!

Happy Thursday to you!

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