It bugs me when...
when Alpine school dist. wont let me log IN to get my w2... so looks like I'm goin to prison.
when people pretend to love the superbowl/sports in general to look cool on facebook. NO.
when Jessy Russell gets a twitter and NEVER USES IT. (ahahahhaha)
when my day might've been perfect tomorrow if it weren't for math
when my blanket is upstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it even though it makes sleeping much more comfortable
when 8th graders keep adding me on facebook. I blame you, Katie. I know I'm awesome buuut....
when I realize what and idiot I was for being so in liiiike with someone for so long. pointlessly.
when my sister moves 488 miles away
when I have no life

oook time to balance things out... this will require me to think!

I'm happy when...
when there will be no one to stress me out at work tomorrow
when my favorite student is going to disneyworld for the Make a Wish foundation (and he's not dying)
when I get to take my favorite FIVE year old to Color Me Mine tomorrow!!
when my new lens will be here this week
when we have Diet Coke in da house
when my family is almost all together
when I finish editing a photoshoot in 3 days
when my watermark decides to work again
when I remember people owe me money
when I have clean clothes because I finally decided to get off my john brown and do some laundrayy

ook I think that was balanced enough! don't you? and I meant every word!
I'm gonna try and have a great monday. y'all do the same!

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