untitled due to the fact that there is no point to this post

I don't know if it's just me and my weird eye/ obsession/love for anything remotely vintage, but I'm kinda loving my new blog header thing. it took a few tries. (and I change it wayyy a lot) but I do love this a lot! Good ol' Andy Warhol.
Oh, I bought my lens! My new baby should be in the mail by the end of the weeeeek:)
I'm just a little bit freakin' excited.
AND the perfect way to test it out, I'm taking Mace face to Color Me Mine on Monday for her birthdayyyy!! I've been wanting to go there, and it's WAY fun with the chilluns. sooo I'm taking the artist herself :) stoked!
Um. lets see... some random thoughts:
My sister Jill is moving to Denver! Which is sad... but kind of awesome at the same time? cause Denver is BEAUTIFUL. Me and Jessica Lynn are going down for ma birthday. yeh. already planning that ish. 6 FLAGS BABAYYYY!!!
All I wanna do right now is put on some comfy's, turn on some good ol' Ben E. King (or HIMYM) and edit the photoshoot I did this week.
So I think I'll do that. oh, plus like 3 english assignments that I failed to get done. until now. due tonight.
SWEET MOTHER I have to pee.
TMI and I don't cur.
have a lovely thursday, because tomorrow is friday.

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