some peectures...

oh hey holly what's goin on in your life?

 My newwww antique earrings!

My new babies

Bought my first ticket to Denver!! WHOOJAELFKJSDFLQWEQI>XFFSLKJFPW!!!

this is where i live. like. literally and... literally. I sit down right in front of that computer, and by that red pillow, and I'm GONE. 
Lately it's The Office. and homework. 

Before                          aaaaaaand                          AFTER! :)

               This picture was in one of my Time-Life books, and it was on two different pages. they were both already falling out. aaaaand I sorta LOVE the picture!
I thought it was just a couple of random kids, but it's actually Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower.
I'll let you make that connection.

Back to homework and a little How I Met Your Motha (It's been about 2 weeks, guys! I'm good)

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