sick girl.

my past two days have been filled with Math studying, Nyquil, Vampire Diaries, and my bed.
sicky gurl.
I know what you're thinking... You? Holly? Hater of all things Twilight and Vampires?
It's ALL Jessy's fault.
dang you.
that show is straight ADDICTING.
do not judge me :(
have you seen that dude's face? he by himself is a drug.
But my addiction, although this will sound weird and contradicting, is a healthy one.
I'll watch a couple episodes, then stop, and then I have no immediate desire to hop right back on Netflix!
Glad I'm not unhealthily insanely hooked.
anyways, I'm ranting now, heh?
I need to be getting back to english homework now.


  1. Micah and I judge you by what you watch on Netflix.

  2. Hahaha. Its the price I have to pay.