resisting the urge to edit

so, I have a weird little habit/problem/addiction
lately, I cannot post a picture on facebook or blog withOUT editing it.
It takes me about 20 seconds on average to make it look better, so why not? I guess it's not really a problem... it's just kinda weird.
Understandable to edit pictures from a photoshoot... but editing around 80 pictures from my trip to Logan? what?
hahaha. It's GOOD PRACTICE! thanks.
anyways. moral of the story:
I got my new lens yesterday! still picking a name.
and the pictures I post today, taken by her/him, will not be edited :)
to show you how awesome she/he is.

the beautiful sarah acted as my model. hahahha
NOTICE. the beautifully blurred background. 
1.4 aperture baby.

 Bear let me snap some pictures during his 7 hour nap.

Such a sassy cat.
I think he got sick of it after a while..
I was home alone, ok?


Today started out bad, then it got good, then it went bad again, then it got good.
and in a bout 3 minutes there will be some DELICIOUS food entering my mouth.

I hope you all have a delightful night. 
and, if you're in a bad mood tomorrow, go get a Berry Topper and a Blueberry strussel muffin from Jamba.
oh, and have an awesome best friend like jethy.
It'll make everything better. 


  1. AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYUHHHH!!!! bear.. what a hunk;)

  2. oober jealous about the new lens. but then again, i don't take nearly as many pictures as you do. but i'm still oober jealous. 1.4? heaven.

  3. Hannah, amy, you are psycho but I love you.
    Carlee. heaven is RIGHT. it' s kinda weird to get use to since there's no zoom. but the whole 1.4 thing distracts from that easily! haha

  4. I my gosh. Those pictures of Bear are funny. Especially the first one. I think I've given a lot of people that look today.