nerd alert

Lets just talk about two of the greatest things that will have ever happened in 2012. 
(wait. did that make sense?)
(oh by the way, this is my nerd side talking so you were warned...)
1. The Great Gatsby. if you're in high school, you're probably rolling your eyes. "ohhh that stupid book my english teacher made me read." NOOOO it's not stupid!! I love it.
and THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT. with Leonardo DeCaprio. (yum) and some other people I don't know AND Isla Fisher! (you know the girl. shopaholic. hotrod. great)
the Roaring Twenties are fabulous and charming. I'm excited.

Now for a while there, I was throwing up in my mouth at the thought of Taylor Swift playing my favorite Character, Eponine. (I thiiiink that's who she was gonna be. not sure)
SO. lets discuss. Amanda Seigfried. I'm not a huge fan of her acting, but I love her voice, as far as Mama Mia goes! They'll make her better. I know they will. she can't just play Cosette and be a bad actress. not ok.
Anne Hathaway. I kind of loathe her. do. not. like. BUT! she's only in the beginning and the end. (which happens to be one of my favorite parts, but I'll survive)
Hugh Jackman. Um. he needs no explaination. he will obviously be amazing.
HELENA BONHAM CARTER. ok, honestly. if ever there was a role she was born to play... wow. ok well let's be honest, she is born to play every role. like unto Jonny Depp.
I think I'll let go of my grudge against her, (you know, from when she killed Sirius Black) for just this one movie.
And then we have Russell Crow... the manliest man of all.
and a few other humans whom I know nothing about.

Remember, this is a judge-freeeee zone.
So don't judge my nerdiness right now. thanks.
Have a lovely night!

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