I used to not hate choir.

"And the award for "Most likely to never do choir again goes to... HOLLY ROBINSON!"
Ok, so I wasn't actually there for my award. (ironic, right?) But I did recieve that award! yes I did. and I always knew I would.
Everyone knows my loathing for choir, but what they don't know is my love for it at the same time.
I love the music, the feeling, the singing, and the people (most)
I just hated being told what to sing, the feeling of my feet falling asleep, and random outbursts of song every 2 miles on the bus.
There was a time... when I was a choir nerd. a CHOIR NERD, guys. I loved it.
9th grade.
It was hands down, my favorite year.
I had 3 best friends, and I am STILL best friends with all of them.
I'm not about to get sentimental up in here! (just cause one is going on a mission and one is getting married. those posts will come around the week of May 26th and June 26th... ok that's weird exactly a month apart. ok. anyways!) MOVING ON!

Here is a picture of me and jessy thinking we are waaaay cool:
I mean, what the heck? ok we were. we were cool. (and we were in the choir room. the cool place to be)

And here's me and Jessy and Alex signing yearbooks and being cool some more!!

And here's easton signing a yearbook with great passion and focus. (probably giles'... am I right? hahaha)

and here we have me and Easton trying out for Buffalo Bill!! whooooeyyyy. he made it. (I was only there for moral support)

I, to this day, pride myself on the fact that I was Kingman's student of the year twice in a row. (probably a mistake, but an accomplishment nonetheless!)
I made it into Acappella in 8th grade (with only 4 other girls)
andddd I am the proud founder of the group "Kingman is my homie"
sadly, the T shirts were never made.

Stay tuned for some precious moments involving
this guy>>>

And this girl>>>   Depressingly enough... I can't find any flapping pictures of me and jill together!

anyways If I keep blogging... I'll just get sentimental.
and I am aware that this blog post has spiraled downward from choir to my love for 9th grade to Easton and Jill.

Soooo goodbye for now! next time I'm blogging, I'll be in L town for some friendly bonding and good times.


oh! need some entertainment to go along with the partial theme of this post? check it. my sister is the coolest teacher Riverton's (the city, not the school) ever SEEN. hahahahaha :)
that would be my sister.
k bye for real!

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