I don't even know what to say, guys. because the past two days has been a blur of driving, walmart, food, bed, kids, errands, and homework. (not in that order)
and WHOOP I am tired.
Yesterday, Woody surprised jill and flew in from Denver (he wasn't supposed to come for another week) and that was reeeal cute. we had lots of sister bonding time between the three of us cuties. shopping (I discovered Nordstrom Rack. holla!) and we ate at Paradise... which seems to be a new habit. (meaning tradition)
Um... lets just discuss... Emily and I have spent quite a few years searching for the best Turkey Cranberry Sandwich in the world.
So far, the best I personally have tasted was in a teeny weeny town in Washington called Union Gap. at a little sandwich place in the foodcourt of the mall. HOLY CRANBERRIES. so dang good.
moral of the story: Paradise Cafe = second best. I think the bred and mayo is the cherry on top...
ok. back to life.
We also did some cute sister girly things like pedicures (on ourselves) and facials.
and some How I Met Your Mother.
you'll probably be able to read more about the details of this lovely night here. Jill kept saying how excited she was to blog about it. heh.
ok. TODAY was great as well! I just reallyyyy needed a day to do NOTHING, and whatever I want. so I sat in ma bed and did homework. for a good few hours. just relaxing. and it was lovely, I tell you.
and tomorrow... is SUNDAY. So I have to do nothing all day... besides church :)
have a splendid evening!

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