happy love day

that dapper looking man right there is my valentine. 
heheeaahahah. go here. hilarity awaits.

My Valentines day was DELIGHTFUL. and yes, I am as single as they come. 
It's time for "Singles awareness day" to come to an end.
Lets all be happy with the ones we have, that love us, and who we love.
we are all truly blessed to have love in our lives. and we're not talkin the kissy kissy kind.
we're talkin' about the will-never-fail-you-blood-relation kind. 
family, y'all. family.

My day was made twice, by the extremely handsome men of the MVHS Chamber Choir, singing their hearts out. first to T mama, then to Me and my coworkers. 
I'm telling you. That is all you need for your Valentines Day to be complete!

Oh, and lets not forgot how FUN it is for the children! I'm so glad I work in a preschool. I forget how much fun giving valentines is for these tots!
I can't wait to be the teacher.
 and the mother :)

I think we should all take a moment to be proud of me, because I have not once been tempted to turn on vampire diaries today. I worked hard on my paper like a good girl should! bam.

NOW. I'm off to shower, then to carry on with this guilty... guilty pleasure. 

Happy Love day!

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