Facetiming Denver

Boy oh boy it's been a while since I've blogged! But I'm not going to apologize. because with a few exceptions, it bugs me way bad when people apologize for not blogging, like they hung the moon. (like I said. with a few exceptions. don't take nothin' persona, ya hear?)

Let me start by sharing a thought... ok it's always thoughts. but first of all, lets talk about facetime. I always thought, "eh. what's the big idea? skype is just as good."
that is, until my dear lovely sister Jill moved to denver. 
Denver is far FAR AWAY. ok, not really. it's actually pretty close compared to where they could have moved! (and WAYYYY prettier than arizona or... anywhere else besides maybe the big WA)
Allen and Jill. my two faves in the same state!
ANYWAYS. facetime. it's great. it's like a freaking phone call, but YOU CAN SEE FACES! (sooo much clearer than skype)
It's like Zenon.... or Phil of the Future... WE ARE HERE.
haha. jk kidding. not quite. that's holograms, guys. c'mon.
OH! Jill and Woodruff also got a puppy!!!! ok, seriously. I'm telling you. I have never been so in love with something I haven't ever met. (ok. that's a lie. hello  James Stewart, Cary Grant, and every other man from that day in age)
His name is marshall. and I love him.

I'm pretty boring. my life. it's pretty boring. I am, however, going to Logan on friday! PARTYIN PARTYIN YEAH!

Ok, I really need to get to bed now. (and by bed I, again, mean VD. sshhhh no judgements here. this blog is a judge-free zone)

Have a lovely night ma frins!
oh and if you love me, you'll spread this rumor :

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