don't worry. today was just as good, if not BETTER than I thought it would be!
Work went by pretty fast. It was nice cheeeeel day. (well. as chill as you can get when you're basically babysitting 7 special needs children)
Me and Macey's birthday date went LOVELY.

She chose an elephant. doesn't have a name yet...
 Notice, the lovely animal stamps on her hands :)

 workin' hard! that girl SURE can multi-task! two brushes at the same time? that's skill. more impressively, she was using three before but I had her stop due to the fact that we had already replaced our color trays 3 times. :)
Me: come sit on my lap!
Macey: awwwwhhhh nooooo!
I don't take it personally :)

And icecream to finish off the evening!
Happy monday everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product, I'm sure it's going to be lovely. Thanks for taking her out again today, she had a blast! And she told me that next time you'd take Miles and me with you too. :)

  2. So so so cute!!! Why don't you take ME to color me mine?