be prepared, man.

My future husband just needs to be accepting of a few things:
1. Antique hoarding
2. Mod Podge everything.
3. Me wearing knee-high socks, shorts/spandex and big T shirts
4. My by-then rather large collection of LIFE Magazines and books
5. A king-size bed. I am the world's most ridiculous bed hog, apparently.
6. My king-size crushes on Sirius Black and Harrison Ford. (one is deceased, the other is 60. I don't think it'll be problem)

I think that about wraps things up.
plus that's all I can think of at the moment.

Yeah, compromise, whaterr'.
this is a formal warning, man.

on a different note! I decided to get my problem under control, so I cleaned the CRAP out of my room.
I cleaned out my crap corners, boxed up old journals and stuff I'm saving for thee future.

It feels dang good, kids.

I really need to photograph what I be craftin' lately! Maybe that'll happen tomorrow.
or the next day.
or... never.

Ok happy tuesday, bye!

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