all sorts of fun

sometimes... and I MEAN SOMETIMES.
the drama of high school is fun. the good kind of drama of course... those little relationships.
can you tell i played double agent/match maker/meddler today? heh.
listen up here.
Mountain View choir... is and will forever be AMAZING.
they absolutely killed it at their first fundraising concert, as ALWAYS.
I snapped away, feeling pretty official and all.
Seriously, so fun. I love love LOVE being the photographer at events like this, and games.
why do you think I spent all that time watching basketball games through my lens, eh?
my feet kill from running all sorts of places to capture all sorts of moments!
so fun.
My two best friends are coming down tomorrow!!! :) 
they will wake me from my sleep and drive me to the magical place of Kneaders!
then we're gonna come back and watch the last two episodes of the unmentionable show, where apparently TWO PEOPLE DIE.
and then I shall be going to Mountain View once again.
I'll be ending the day with Macey and Miles!
It has been farrrr too long.
Ok, also. 206 people like my photography page.
if you don't know me, you don't know that that number means a lot to me for some reason...
go here. and make me happy.
happy friday!

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