What's the point of a title, some days?

Well, today was hell.
I haven't said that in a long time! But really. work was NO BUENO.
I cannot WAIT FOR SUMMER ya'll.
some thoughts from my day:
1. I love a heigenist who doesn't ask you questions while working all that crap in your mouth. bless you, girl-who's-name-i-forgot. you made my trip to the dentist a memorable, cavity free one. (ha. sarcasm.)
2. Driving through the hoods surrounding BYU campus is like driving through freaking Disneyland. SO MANY PEDESTRIANS. hate you all. you hold all the power.
3. Skype seshing with your best friend of 5 years is way better than skyping with your best friend of less than a year + your crush. awk sauce. shout out to jussy hussy. much love, my less-awkward skype partner. and much cooler... hahaha.
4. Seattle and Utah have switched places. at least today. sooo... all we need is that GREEN and the fairy boats... and the city... and the puget sound... and then we have ourselves some WA.
5. I cashed my lens jar today... 45 bucks. not gonna lie, a bit disappointed. if there wasn't a flapping fee, I'd have 50. EL STUPIDO.
Those are all the thoughts I can muster for today. I best be studying for my math test now.
look at me. I'm so responsible.
heh. byeee.

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