paperwhore probs & other stuff

1. in the event of Roberts closing (may he rest in peace), Pebble in my Pocket will be my new home. I spent many childhood days there, unappreciatively waiting for my mother. and now I get it! Pebbles is more than just a house-looking scrapbook store with delectable suckers and a ramp to run down instead of boring old stairs. It is a magnificent wonderland of drugs, for paper whores like myself.
2. I found extra mod podge in our craft box. so that's awesome.
3. I'm so grateful for a jessy in my life. lately, we have been awesome. Last night we played a drinking game with shots of teq... sprite and martinellis. So if you passed the church on 400 west... don't worry. just sprite. Bright idea, jessicalynnninarussell.
4. zig zags, strips, orange, pea green, retro patterns, vintage LR presets, fat quarters, bows, 60's radio stations, and old movies. you could call it obsession.
5. I'm FINALLY GOING UP TO LOGAN THIS WEEKEND!! I'm pretty dizang stoked, guys. 3 of my best friends have lived up there since september, and have I made an appearance? NADA. I suck at life. but life gets cray cray. sooo good excuse? yeah. I shall begin my journey on friday at noon.
6. The other day, my favorite student sneezed on me. on my face, to be exact. it was NASTY. but kind of hilarious. (the other three adults were rolling on the floor. real cool.)
5 hours later, after going to UVU, and Old Navy... I discovered the remnants of this sneeze on my shirt.
and that is my embarrassing moment of the day.
at least it wasn't a squished bug like I thought.
K bye!

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