not myself today...

I am definitely NOT on my game today.
I was unable to do math fit for a 5th grader.
I discovered a Utah History fact that I should have known in 7th grade, but instead discovered at the ripe age of 18 and a half.
I thought spontaneuism was a word.
I accidentally said polygamism instead of polygamy. (didn't think it was a word)
For real, guys. This ain't good.
tomorrow is friday.
I have been WRACKING MY BRAIN trying to think of a top for my stupid english paper.
And I thought of it whilst in the loo. booya. the things you think of...
It's kind of brilliant, and not cliche like everything else in my life :)
I'm going to make myself look decent (not like I just had a nervous breakdown and took a nap with smudged mascurra)
Have a HAPPY Friday!
oh! and this is my sister's blog
really guys, everyone says "omg my sister is so great!! read this!!"... but she is hilarrrrious.
especially this post.
k bye!

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