My life lately, in pictures.

Remember when I was a photographer and I never post pictures on this here blog? Well heeeeere you go, world! (out of orderrr.)
Happay newwwww yearrrr with my sistas!
BANANAGRAMS with the besties.
top knots save my butt every day.
AMY saves my butt every day. she is seriously my sanity at work. love her.
Robert's sale basically means my paper hoarding problem got worse there for a while... 
hello Pebble in my Pocket.
Me and Mace face!
My mommers...my wonderful amazing hilarious amazing mother. made me a quilt! 
NEW CAMERA STRAP. Nadine is looking quite prime these days.
Just a little cuddle party on the couch, watching some Princess and the Frog!! love ma gurrrls!
(not pictured: Sarah Whitehead) ;)
Um... I love jessy. after her being around for 3 weeks to hang out with me whenever, and all the time... I'm gonna miss her like caaarazayyy! and so is mom. and maybe bear. 
MILES. duhhh.
SO folks, there you have it!
Although it might be getting crazy stressful up in here, I love my life, and the people in it!
especially those amazing sweet ones who birthed me.

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  1. I love that picture of Jessy crying!!! That's so hilarious!!