It was a beautiful morrrrnin'

K folks, it has been a golden day. and it is only half passed noon (try using that phrase. you'll feel smart)
First, after a GREAT (great meaning we didn't lay there and watch How I Met Your Mother for 3 hours) night last night with Jessy and Rick, a childhood chump from elementary school, and a soon-to-be elder,
I woke up half hour before I was supposed to wake up, and laid there, half asleep, listening to the sound of good ol' h20 falling from the sky. (I am about to defriend everyone with an "I love rain" status on FB, so as to not be a hypocrite, I am BLOGGING about it. much different, guys.)
Then it was time for Kneaders with Kelsey and Heather. This tradition has been going on for a good 4 years, I do believe. and a WONDERFUL tradition it is. cute stuff, right?
So I get in the car, and miles is sitting the back seat. of course after smiling hugely at his favorite babysitter, and saying "DA. DA. DA." and what not, I say "Miles who am I?!" "HAYYEE" ... never gets old, guys. you don't quite understand how cute he is.
Best friends. plus mace face.
ok. moving on.
SO we had a LOVELY breakfast of catching up, and talking, and stuffing our faces with french toast. and smuggling it out of the place. (seriously, I kid you not. a guy told us we weren't allowed to take our leftovers. I mean sure, it had just been refilled. but PFF. so we rebelled)
I came home, to do the one and only chore my mother asked of me. (and the only chore I've been asked to do since I found out how.) and that, my friends, is to make this cookie recipe.
It'll change your life. So I'm wearing my new favorite shirt, I put on some Ben E. King radio on Pandora (it'll change your life. the best oldies EVER) and have myself a little dance-a-bake-a-thon.
As I said, ladies and gentlemen.
Golden morning.
and it's only 12.
here are some pictures to show the beauty of my morning. most of it...
 There's the weatha.

 Best mood everrrrrrr

I'm thinking.... maybe I'll be a food photographer?
hahaha. exciting, right?!
Well, I'm off to Hobby Lobby!
I hope your day is as awesome as mine has been/will be.
stay excellent.


  1. I'm jealous of your morning, I want your cookies and I miss you! You're adorable!

    1. thankss ahhh I miss you too!! love you!

  2. WTF. Where were the cookies YESTERDAY!?!?