"The happiest place on earth"

That title's for you, Jo :) hahahaa. cause you are RIGHT!
noon today seems like it was about 3 days ago. hooooly long day!
but supa supa GREAT.
I'm just laying in Jessy's bed watching how I met your mother at this moment.
I got here around 4 and went straight to easty's to give him his suit (which ended up being skyler's... not his... so that was cool. hahaha)
and then I went and got alex.
and THEN we went to take easton's pictures. he actually only needed a head shot, which was ok cause his pants were 4 times too big for him. (skinny devil)
so this was just a teeny weeny shoot. cause he also hates pictures.
 handsome, to say the least, I do say.
WHAT a hot man we have here! notice his freakin sketch face eyes. so unique.
and then
we dropped that punk off to go hang out with his gurrrr.
and me and jessy and jill and alex and haley went tooo TEXAS ROADHOUSE.
I loved our waiter. he was such a cutie. and nicey. we tipped him ten bucks. which I guess is normal..? I don't even KNOW
also, one of the workers was sitting on the other side of the ledge/wall thing, and he bought us apple pie. and i hate apple pie. but it was nice/weird/gross.
then we met jill's new man. 100% approval.
and then... we came back and we are just sittin around.
tomorrow? HOWEWORK! and more fun.
good day, one and all. good day. 

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  1. hahah thank you for the shout out. Love it, love Logan!!