Am I 12?

It's not weird that I still babysit, just to let you know. If you knew all 6 kids I babysit (total of kids. not same familia), you'd never turn these gigs down either!
Ok folks. you could sayyy...
My day was made at about 12:00 today, and it never did turn a bad corner!
our sir miles is starting to say things. say words.
and what blessed sound came out of his mouth today?
HAYYEE.(pronounced HA-YEE)
I was BEYOND happy, guys. I have been waiting for this moment since the day that little ball of crazy was born!
So I babysat at that house, like I said before. Amanda & Katie came over unannounced (the best kind) and we played Just Dance 3 (obsessed) with Macey for a while. and it was all GREAT fun.
Macey would just stand on the couch behind us dancing, and do her own sexy dance.
(don't worry. pictures will come)
after that, we went to find Manda a preference dress! I have always gotten my dresses at Nordstrom, on the first try.
Guess where she got hers? At Nordstrom, on the first try.
SO cute. I'm taking her Preference pictures, so there willllll be BEAUTIFUL pictures of the lovely lady!
More babysitting up in Lehi for my cousins came after that, and it was a joyous occasion as well!
Me and Katie watched Hairspray... which is ALWAYS a great movie, and takes me back to 8th grade when me and Carlee were OBSESSED with it!
it is impossible not to sing along to that movie. love eeeet.
I really don't want to go to 9:30 church by myself. but I need to face my feeeears.
Jessy, you suck. I'm still crying.
And also, still freakin out a little bit about school.
on monday.
Math. disgusting.
My book hasn't come yet, and what if I need it?! I'll live.
ok. well, have a lovely Sunday, one and all!

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