Cross that off the list.. cross what off the list?

Alright, sooo. I decided to step back, and think more seriously about what I want out of this new year.
I made a list. (of resolutions)
but guess what? I'm not going to share it publicly.
Maybe I'll share a few items, but ehh.
If you wanna see my photography bucketlist, click here!

guys. we have bigger fish to fry in this post. one of the items to your left, on that bucket list right there, CAN NOW BE CROSSED OFF.
I cannot yet say which one. only a select few people know, for now.
Apparently there's a big ol' fine, and my dad is a pit peeved for it happening.
CURIOUS aren't you?!
All I can say is...
thank you Kelli for helping it to come true! I gotta get a few more uses out of it.
buggin' you yet?

I'm super tired, don't even know why I'm still awake. OH WAIT. Yeah I do. I just got 12 pretty new lightroom presets. (effects) which I just HAVE to try out. right now.

I want a new job. SO bad.

I start big girl school in a week.

I love Target.

I am about 3 photoshoots away from a new LENS! I think I could spend the whole rest of my paycheck on it, and I think I'd be happy.

I'm going to spend some time in lightroom now... did I just say that?



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  1. You're going to steal a shopping cart for a photo shoot, aren't you?!