Cliche'. [Clee-shay.]

So let me just say... I am a person of cliche's, who loathes cliches.
I'll tell you one; photography.
It might be the biggest one out there. In one of my classes, we were told we could just say something random about ourselves. The thang here is, I probably wouldn't even say "I'm a photographer" because pretty much, these days... anyone who owns an SLR thinks they are a photographer.
OF COURSE I'm not professional. (I almost just wrote "profesh"... point made) I'm 18.
But I do make money off it, and I do believe in myself, and I am confident that I am talented in the picture-taking department. and duh guys, I have a card.
So I am a photographer. but really, when you meet someone in Utah particularly, (I guess it's not as competitive in other states) and they say "I'm a photographer" you think , "yeah so is everyone else."
so I choose to let Facebook do the talking. Unless an opportunity presents itself, in that case I'll whip out my lovely little bidness card.
{I hope no one took this offensively. if you have an SLR, and you say you're a photographer, you may become one! or already be one!} k.
I love the rain. I don't particularly want to be kissed in the rain, but I genuinely love it. Probably because I love being cozy inside, or if it's warm summer rain, I like to puddle jump and get soaked to the skin. I want to live in seattle. but that dream , I think, is slowly fading away.
Third, I hate Twilight.
If you love Twilight, don't take this personally. I just really dislike the whoooole story, the acting, the writing, errything.
Fourth, I'm a vintage whore.
wait. that didn't come out right, did it? I'm not a whore in a vintage way. I just love anything vintage. Which seems to be popular right now. but my 3 favorite items of clothing happen to resemble something you might find in "The Wonder years", or "The Brady Bunch". Oh, another thing. I love those shows, and I listen to She & Him Radio all day, because they play hits like Ben E King, and things like that.
Fifth. I am majoring in Elementary Education. But I won't let the fact that it's a bit of a cliche major for utah bug me. cause it's what IIII want to do. it's what I love! (besides I'll probably change my indecisive mind pretty quick here)
ok. so that right there, up there? that was pretty much my english assignment. (with some obvious editing) does it pass for open form writing? I surely hope so. Well, it's between that and writing about things I'll let my kids do, and what I did when I was a youngin.
We'll see if I have the patience to write about that up in here another day.
Goodbye for now!


  1. ha. My life is full of cliche's too. Hello, I majored in Early Childhood Education. Every time I went on a first date with a guy at BYU, i swear he would roll his eyes when I told him my major (not Paul of course).

    1. ha! well then, I just have to find a man who doesn't roll his eyes! of course :)