Auld Lang Syne

Lets talk about New Years, cause everyone else is!
(I chose not to post a sarcastic comment on my FB status, cause it is HAPPY that it's a new year!)
So yesterday afternoon, I was freaking out a little inside, trying to accept the fact that I would probably spend New Years Eve at home... by myself... maybe with my mom... maybe watching movies.
I was a little bit sad, but I tried not to let it get me down.
THEN a lovely thing happened. This lovely thing is called SISTERS.
Turns out, the two lovely ladies didn't mention it before, cause I had been sick the previous day, they were planning on eating out, then playing games at Jills!
I was like, YEEEAHHH!!
So I made some DELICIOUS COOKIES, and went up to Emily's condo.
we made adorable little olive/cream cheese penguins/ puffins!
ha. um... whatever genius thought to stuff olives with cream cheese, you deserve an award.
SO delectable. (for us olive lovers. Emily bought two cans of olives cause she knew she'd eat most of them.)
So then we get to Zupas. (curse you, Paradise, for being closed)
Now first you have to know, generally, Jill's group of friends is like... She and woody, emily and micah, angie and roland, and sometimes a few stragglers.
well folks, lo and behold, we get there. and there are 6 couples.
There WERE a few other single ladies, but those single ladies would not be joining the game festivities.
That leaves me being the ONE single person, in a group of 6 couples, on New Years Eve.
Now what happens when two people in love see that clock strike midnight?
you do the math.
I texted for a rescue, and bolted outta there right after dinner. no cheeseball or other appetizers could make up for the awkwardness that could have been felt that night.
(I guess I could have kissed the picture of Rupert Grint on my phone screen saver)


(this seems to happen a lot... 4th of July with the Navasards? I promise I have a cool family!!)

So I went to my second home and hung out with the Holdaway side of the fam, and it was a BALL I tell you.
We played Just Dance 3 (I danced to Robin Sparkles 3 times)
We read from the 3 family memory jars (I was mentioned in a few. there was even one that said, "holla graduates from high school"... I felt like crying! It didn't even have to do with anyone in the whitehead fam! :)
We ate SHRIMP, and waved it in amanda's face.
We blew those horn thingers till our lungs exploded.
We played more Just Dance 3 (thanks again, jessy for leaving it at my house. it's safe and sound)
A Happy New Year it was!
you can check out my New Years resolution on the tab titled "365" above :)
for the record. i did NOT make a resolution to work out more. PFF. everyone  KNOWS that doesn't last. So if you see me at the gym, know I am not one of those people. heeeeeh.

I hope you all have a happy new year, for reals.
Hey, make it a great year, or not. the choice is yours.


  1. That's so cute that they put your graduation in the jar!!

  2. Oh man Holly! I was feelin' for ya while reading about what New Years could have been! 2nd, 3rd, 4th, sometimes 5th families are so wonderful to have!! I'm glad yours came through for you and that you enjoyed the holiday!!

    P.S. Those cream cheese penguin olive things looked AMAZING!!