I'm going to Logan in an hour! Ive never driven that far by myself. Good thing I don't have anything to over think about!
Also. I tear up everyyyy time i watch the beginning of Up. Without. Fail. Perfect love story.
Also. I bawl every time I watch the episode where Marshall's dad dies. I try to avoid it, but I get hooked!!
Also. I'm taking my best friend's mission pictures today. Best friends since 9th grade. I'll probs dedicate a whole post to Easton when he gets his call... Or when I'm editing the pictures and start gettin all sentimental. Hahaaha
Also. Story/confession time: when I was younger, .... Ok twoish years ago... I thought Donny and Marie were married. I was endlessly made fun of for this. No mercy from my sisters.
Today, my sister was at a conference where Donny and Marie's nephew was speaking. She said that he said, "first I have to clear something up. Donny and Marie are brother and sister. Not married. That's gross."
Hahahahahaahaha so I'm NOT ALONE!! Thankyouverymuch
Also. I'm leaving work now. Goodbye!

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  1. A. Logan is the happiest place on earth
    B. Agreed to UP
    C. AGREED about Marshall's dad dying. Ugh.