12 things. oh, and give me presents.

I started this post making a list of things I'd rather do than math (such as being shot in the face 40 times with a nerf ball gun from 2 inches away)
but then as I was reading Elder Carlson's email of the week, I decided to go with more positive outlook.
so here are the good things in my life, outside of math hell.
1. Missionary letters. they never get old to me. those kids out doing work changing lives. handsome fellas.
2. I got paid today. sooo... I think I'll be buyin that lens pretty soon. and I have money.
3. My english paper is done. I'll probably post it cause it's not that boring and it's actually something I'd probably blog about.
4. Jill is living with us for a few weeks. I love it. (we won't talk about how much harder it'll be when she moves to colorado... oh I'll blog about that one another time)
5. the LIFE Website is my new favorite. I could spend hours on there looking at all of that black and white beauty.
6. I have super great friends.
7. I have a super great family. like SUPER FREAKING GREAT.
8. Although I don't really have a life, I have a great life. no drama. and math is my only crappy problemo.
9. I can eat whenever I want.
10. Then go to the gym.
11. I can call in a sub to work now... which I might do right now.
12. I have the gospel in my life.
... ok that's about it.
in other news... I left my facebook open at Easton's place on Saturday. He and his gurrrl decided to go a little crazy with the hacking. therefore... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! WHAT?! holly I thought your birthday was in june! you are such a june birthday person!
nooope you thought wrong! I am 19!
Happy birthday to me!!byee!!

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