When the Jazzy comes in Handy.

You know how sometimes, at EFY, or in stupid group discussions, the question comes up, "Have you ever broken a bone?"
well my friends, good news. I still can't say "I have broken a bone."
BUT. I can say, I have torn some ligaments and sprained my ankle and toe. oh wait, isn't that what tearing ligaments is? ha. I don't even know.
but here, my friends. is the story of this day.
I was at work. It was a slowww day. We had four kids, all of which don't really talk. we had a 1-1 student to teacher ratio, and that just SCREAMS boring.
Amy had just drawn me a nice lovely... doodle of my name. So naturally I had to take a a picture of it! I skittered across the play area (little did I know there were lethal toys everywhere) and grabbed my pod, and as I was hurrying back to Amy, I slipped.
on a plastic. toy. dish.
just kidding.
I fell the floor, and said, "OH SHIZ! OHHHH CRAP! OH MOTHERRR!!!" (those weren't edited. I really didn't curse a single time.)
and then I almost fainted, so I laid down, with my feet up on Amy's lap (what a good friend she is)
It wasn't until I called my mom, that I started to cry. and it only lasted that phone call (something about telling a story makes me cry more)
So our other aide walked me out to Amy's car, (I could not see a thing. I knew I was going to faint, cause all I could see was what looked like a really sunshiny and overexposed preset on Lightroom, and Amy's face, and her brother coming to help me to the car.)
When I got in the car, I felt way better. even though my foot was still throbbing.
When we arrived at good ol' Merrill Gapmeyer Familia Medicine, there was mama Jo Ho waiting with a wheelchair. HA! (we are just meaning to make this more dramatic than it is. just jokingly, yo)
I wheeled myself in, because I have such fond memories of wheeling Grandma's wheelchair all around their little house.
I Got an X RAY! ok really, the excitement in my tone shows you have boring my life is. sirius.
Me and Jessy have had a FEW discussions about how we just want something bad, but not too bad to happen, so we could go to the Hospital. didn't quite make it to the hospital, but eh. close.
So after my X ray, and after all the nurses making fun of me for the cause of this dreadful event, the Doc Diagnosed. Sprained Ankle, and sprained toe.
poor little things.
It was just a nice little adventure. the only time I was really feelin crappy was when I was about to pass out (um. anyone agree? that feeling is death. I have experienced it too many times.)
SO THERE you have it. my big dramatic story.
Thank you dearest Amy for LITERALLY writing about it in your journal while waiting for the X rays. hahaha. and thanks for driving me. 
If anyone needs me, I'll be down in my cave, watching How I Met Your mother, and Christmas movies. While also, losing my mind.
oh, also, in case anyone was wondering, I didn't even get a picture of the doodle amy drew me. 
Need a cane. Am having a straaaange craving for steak. (don't worry, dad is taking care of that) Love Christmas lights. Want to get out of this place ALREADY.
oh my gosh. I HAVE A JAZZY!!!!!!
ok bye.

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  1. A bowl. That is so funny. Isn't it just like that? You don't cry about something UNTIL you're talking to mom, and then it all comes flooding out.