Victim #2: Crunch Berry the Swagga Wagon.

Well folks, I think that two nights of going to bed before 9 o'clock did this girl some gooood!
Today was a decent day, and I'm saying that EVEN THOUGH.
A dude reversed his car right into my poor swagger wagon. all I can say is, I'm SO grateful that this man was #1, my neighbor. although I had no idea that he was #2, not a jerk.
Looky HERE. Liiiiike, are you JOKING ME? just shy of a year later. just THREE DAYS SHY!
Luckilyyy LUCKILY Crunch Berry isn't totaled. phew.
(oh and I think we can all agree I was somehow way more creative with writing a year ago...)
So despite the fact that I refunded a photoshoot today, and got in a carcrash, I am a pretty happy girl.
I have my missionary packages all planned out (that was so hard for me to figure out what to get them! pictures will follow soon)
Again I say, not to brag... buuut I pretty much wish I was my own friend so I could give myself Christmas presents. I pride myself on GOOD QUALITY CHRISTMAS GIFTS! I probably go overboard. as in, I just spent $50 on missionaries... and that's not even the end.
I love giving gifts. Probably one of my favorite things about the holidays.
one and kinda a half days until St. George! Getta see ma girl Britt, go to ACE HARDWARE, and not be freeeeezing cold. hopefully.
Happy Wednesday to all!
Santa Lives.

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