I'm doing this to see if it works. I've had kiiind of a terrible day.
Stressful at work. Huge mistake in photography. Just bad. so what shall we do about it? Make a list of the GOOD things in my life. things that make me happy, and that I'm grateful for. see if it'll suck back in these tears.
My family, and that they stand behind me and support me in what I do. Jessy, and how awkwardly wonderful she is. my warm bed that I can lay in whenever I want, when I'm not working. food to eat freely. Hannah, andd.. just hannah. haaha. The missionaries who faithfully write me whenever they can, unknowingly making my day while doing so. The whitehead home... my home away from home. Christmas trees in a dark room. Swaggerwagon. working legs. Santa Clause. Little kids. Heavenly Father. the Gospel. the scriptures. the priesthood. the prophet. my leaders. my ward. my whole neighborhood. My fuzzy socks. all of my friends. My sisters. Babies (no relation... sadly) Nadine. Maybelle. Temple marriage. Letters with my name on it.
this is just making me want to cry... probably out of gratefulness this time. haha. hopefully.
I see another 9:30 bedtime in my near future. maybe some Harry Potter thrown in there.
Happy Christmas.

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  1. Hey! I did that same thing in my journal a couple days ago. And in an email to Sarah, but first I complained my butt off to her.