I'm attractive today.

I have a filthy habit. It's called McDonalds.
FILTHY I tell you. I don't do it all the time, noooo worries there, partner. but every once in a while I crave that disgusting stuff they call food. disgusting yet delicious.
Well my friends, pretty sure last night/this morning, it came back and bit me in the butt.
Waking up (while a friend is sleeping over) with a MONSTER of a stomach ache, is not the best way to wake up. We're talking... someone hitting you in the stomach with a hot frying pan, while some kind of jumping animal and his friends play tag in your abdomen. FUN STUFF!
Needless to say, my hair is prom-worthy, and if Ryan Gosling came to my door, he'd probably kiss me right then and there.
but not really.
before that ugly stuff happened, I had a super grrreat day yesterday!
I went shopping, and thanks to Christmas gift cards, only spent about 10 of my own dollas.
Oh, then me and Jessy went to my sister's house to catch up on How I Met Your Mother.
for 5 hours.
That is NOT healthy for anyone.
We were relating everything to Lily and Marshall and Ted and Robin and Barney all night after that.
and although she won't admit it, I think she watched it all day again today...
over dose, dudes.
So that was yesterday,
and my mom's bed, saltines, and sprite was my day today.
I was really mad that I was sick, mostly cause I was going to babysit M & M tonight, which I haven't done in weeks. PFFFFF. darn you, mcdonalds(probably)
well children, I'm off to bed! (cause I haven't had nearly enough of that today)
stay golden.

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  1. Hi, I'm playing catch up on your blog! Michael recently introduced me to "How I Met Your Mother" and I spent the whole day today watching season 1 and had to force myself to stop! How did I not know about this show before?!