I love love. and old people.

Well, may I just say? that Christmas break can be here now.
although I did get a nice little break from O town this weekend, I'm still facing another week at work. PLUS SIDE: It shall be filled with holiday cheer, christmas music, christmas crafts, and Charlie Brown. bam.
Today our family was assigned to give Stone henge a sacrament meeting. Um, hello Miss Emotional. Just sitting there and watching all those old people brought tears to my eyes. seeing how happy they are, how into the talks and music. There is so much history in those people! I LOVE THEM!!!! I wanna volunteer there. cause it doesn't smell.
After I gave my talk, after the meeting was over, this lady in a wheelchair called me over and she gave me a big hug and told me thanks, and she and her friend told me that my talk touched her heart.
I just repeated my talk from early summer, about examples. Right before, I had been flipping a little bit, and thinking about how older people wouldn't wanna hear about that. well apparently they did! funny how things work out.
that made me: love everyone in the room I didn't know. and miss my grandma and grandpa. and get SO excited to grow old with my somebodayyy. I think about it waaayyy too much lately.
Well I'm off to bed!
Have a lovely finals week, all y'all college students.
Take luck!
 speaking of love....
check out the missionary one if you haven't.. but you probably have cause this girl is ALL over facebook, and will soon be made into a fairytale.

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