I can't think of a name for this post.

Two of my favorite over-the-WWW compliments:
1. When people I don't know either A) comment on my photography B) become a fan on bookface C) (and the best of all) Schedule a photoshoot with me! Keep spreading my name, people. Cause it makes me straight up happayyy.
2. When people I don't know comment on my blog (and I don't get a creep vibe). haha. which I usually don't. 
anywhooooo. moving on.
Today was spent with a few lovely Christmas movies, some chrocheting, and... a ward Christmas party? I  just had to get out of the house.
Me and my mom and sisters have been planning to go up to Midway to this supposedly awesome Antique store. {Jessy said it was antiquing today and I thought that was the stupidest word ever. but I guess that's exactly what we're doing.}
I am quite interested to see how this goes. The Jazzy won't be useful in this situation, seeing as I do not have a ramp/lifter thing for my car (but how awesome would that be)
so crutches it is! (although my foot is feeling much happier today)
I keep thinking that next week is a holiday, because Jessy is down here yet again! and it makes me just about cry everytime I realize it's not, and I have to go back to work.
I am the biggest complainer I know, and I REALLY NEED TO STOP!!!
oh, also. Lets all cry together because Roberts is closing. I hate it, on account of, that's my happy place.
Well, I wish everyone reading this a LOVELY weekend!
Happy Christmas, Harry! (I can say that now because it's December)
OH WAIT. also, watch this (it's borderline inappropriate. but really more hilarious because IT'S JESS)


  1. wow Holly the fact that you watch New Girl makes my day. Because I love that show! Anyways sorry for creeping on your blog, even though you don't get the "creep vibe" anywho, you just made my day. goodbye. ha ha oh this is Stephanie Williams by the way.

  2. Stephanie!! never apologize for creeping! :) I think we can all agree it's the best. and we'll protest if they really do cancel it. amen.