peeectures of my lovely break from life.

for some reason, lately I'll get on to blog, then I'll just be like, "ehh. I don't really care about sharing every deet of my day, or break"
Christmas break thus far has consisted of healthy doses of family and friends, unhealthy doses of How I Met Your Mother, straight up too much eating out, AMAZING home cooked meals (and leftovers of course) and lotsssss of crafting up in here.
nada on the photoshoots. 

It's that time of year again, folks! the awkward photoshoot lull.
I have one shoot next week. that's all I have scheduled for the next 222 years.
winter sucks.

(And what sucks even worse, is not getting all the way into the holiday spirit because of the huge lack of snow. I know, everyone is biatching about it. but really, it's kind of a way sad thing! Greatest Snow on EARTH? bahhh)

Well, my lovely readers... if you want a photoshoot, you could let me know. I'll probably give a discount cause that's how bored I am lately!
you'll just have to see... (that was WAY unprofessional. I'm over it)

I changed my "Disneyland Jar" to my "Lens Jar"
I need a new lens, BAD people! the lovely Aria Photography told me which lense I should go for next, bless you, Formspring. and Aria. sooo.... $350?
Looks like imma be searching the couch cushions and car coin compartments tomorrow!
Those coin star machines are a MIRACLE, I tell you. and whenever you go in there, you get WAY more than you were expecting.
and my jar is PRETTTTY heavy.
one time, my brother got like 50 bucks from just couch cushions and change in jars.
I'm predicting 94 on this one. should NOT get my hopes up, but there are a few dollar coins and bills in there! 

Well amigos, I'm gonna get back to the gang now... meaning Ted and them...
oh, here are some pictures of my break.
they are TERRIBLE quality, because my itouch has become my camera. sorry Nadine, you're large. 

jessy got a pet monkey named elliot for Christmas.
hahahaha. HA. lets be real. that's creativity right thur.
my hair is getting kind of longer?
I got fat quarters to make garlands! for photoshoots. heh.
lets not forget these hotties. 
Nadine's new home!!!! SO FETCHIN' CUUUUTE. 
that's family right thur.

my light up wand was by far my favorite gift... even if I get strange looks from my family.... and somehow i feel safer with it in the basement. hahahaha
as said on insta. for those moments when the dumb restaurant don't have coke products. 

first night of break was spent with ma ho's in the riverwoods! which... besides the beautiful temple one-upping all, the riverwoods one-ups temple square. there, I said it. closer beats all.

and of course... we have. LEFTOVER HEAVEN.
My mom's cranberry apple relish = pure delicious sent straight from the apple and cranberry heavens.


  1. Okay that's not actually Micah, but for some reason I'm logged on in his name. He doesn't read blogs or say "oh man."