holiday hooby whaty?

In my personal opinion... no blog posts is a sign of a busy happy life. 
Which is why I haven't posted in quite a few days!
Polar Express party on friday? BOSS. I love my Friday students SO MUCH. it was great fun, especially since I got to sing "Merry Christmas Orem *CLAP* Elementary!" once more! (and if I play my cards right, for many more years to come)
Saturday was good, cause... well it was Saturday! I painted a wall in my room, and mailed one, two, THREE packages! I sent them, and that day got a letter from Breton. "A christmas package would be nice, but don't go crazy! Save your money child"... HA. fat chance. I love love love love love giving gifts. I'm no cheap skate, either. Bucket of money WELL SPENT, I say!
(and I am so so SO grateful that all of these boys I write live 2 states away, 1 state away, and across the country. but hey. it's in the states. whew. my visa thanks you)
Those missionary's toesies will keep niiiice and warm thanks to the mocassins I so kindly crafted for them. (ha. joking. it's me, here. TARGET)
Last night and tonight... I have never laughed so hard for 3 hours straight in MY LIFE. Loaded Questions till midnight last night, and Loaded Questions and What if tonight, till 1. OH WHAT FUN. really guys. and all with a PRIME group of humans. Amanda, Katie, Sarah, Maddi, Cortt, Chase and Natalie. I'm so glad I live in this hood. Holyyyy cranberries it's the BEST.
Oh, guess what else?

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY! and I totally called it.
 I try my best not to be a ditzy screamy girly little girl. but when we were all gathered around, watching this, and waiting... we all screamed and jumped. and bore the strange looks from Chase and Cortt.
Look, he's totally crying. I LOVE HIM.
What a guy.
I try not to think about the fact that I totally could have been there tonight... OH WELL.
Oh, in other good news.
1. I wore my favorite boots today for the first time since I sprained my foot. (still sprained. but betterrr)
2. I don't have work tomorrow... again.
3. I got a letter from Allen today. I wouldn't mind marrying the kid. what a sweet dude.
4. TOMs shoe party at the whiteheads tomorrow! toms for 24 bucks?! I think YES!
5. Christmas is in SIX DAYS!!!
whooot whooooot!

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