I was a little angry beaver. but now I'm a happy one.

I'm telling you people. WHEN YOU ARE IN A BAD MOOD:
Think of your happy place. where is it? Mine is Roberts, which is QUITE a problem, because Roberts will no long exist in February... or probably sooner.
Now GO to that place.
Then go to Target, because everyone loves Target. everybody.
go to the back of the store, to the milk. get a little bottle of WHOLE Troo Moo Chocolate milk.
drink it.
Then, go home and take a hot hot hot hot shower, and shave your legs.
(but if you're a boy, don't shave your legs, cause then people would make fun of you, which would put you in a bad mood, and that is what we are trying to avoid)
((Unless you're a swimmer. then you're excused from all jokes))
then get out of the shower.
and go to Netflix.
Turn on How I Met Your Mother.
Preferably Season 6 Episode 8.
it's my favorite episode, probably.
Watch it.
Then go to Texas Roadhouse if you're lucky like me!
That is my remedy for a poopy day.
Happy Thursday!
Santa Lives.

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