Chorus Concert anyone?

This is for those of you in Logan...
I feel deeply and genuinely sorry for you. why? because the cold. is brutal.
even down here. Maybe it's just because I got my first reminder and flashback of how TERRIBLE winter photoshoots are. (I need to purchase some leather skin tight gloves. Target.)
Seriously, I need to figure something out. OH. Layers, that' what I did last winter.
Leggings under jeans. sometimes two pairs...
Two cami's, a shirt, a jacket, and a coat.
HA. no seriously.
I'm staring to dread it, but I think that when it actually starts to snow, I'll be a happy girl. cause that makes the cold look pretty.
and there's always that possible snow day...
Today, when we were doing PE at work, the little first graders were practicing for the CHORUS CONCERT. can I get a HOLLA? seriously you guys, who doesn't look back on those memories of Miss. Conover yelling her face off at everyone to shut up, and either laugh, or shudder at the thought? (oh, after three months of passing her in the hall, she recognized me today. same with Mr. Hodson last week.  Either they just didn't notice me, or they finally decided to face up the awkwardness.)
Love that.
But those little humans singing their hearts out, "RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER" and "HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS!"... I didn't even hate that song for once, cause all those cuties put their little hearts into it.
I'm totes going to that concert. I'll probably cry. That made me so excited to become a first grade teacher some day! Mrs. Robinson. orrr... Mrs. Somethingelse maybe. buuuut yeah.
Pretty cute picture I have in my head.
well, I believe I'll be finishing a photoshoot now, and moving onto the lovely Hannah's pictures that I did today for a trade (in the BITTER COLD)
Santa lives!


  1. you are too adorable. I love you holly!

  2. I can see you being a 1st grade teacher and it is a very pretty picture! Ok, it actually looks a lot like the picture of you in your Harry Potter glasses, with your wand . . . for some reason . . . it'll be great!