Charlie Brown Christmas TREEEE!

I am a strong believer in tradition, and a strong hater of change.
Of course... people get married and all that jazz. so there has to be change. but it sucks? can I get an AMEN?
One of the best Robinson traditions, is that of The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
(yeah, I DID just capitalize that like a book title.)
Now what you have pictured is probably this:
no my friends, not at all. we aren't completely crazy.
it's more like thisss:
but probably taller, and add a million unique colorful ornaments and BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS!
sadly, very sadly, our beloved Fred Parker, whom we have turned to for our traditional Charlie Brown tree for as long as I have lived, and longer, did not have this special kind of tree this year :(
SO WHAT DID WE DO? We searched. (this is al my doing, by the way. if they hadn't come back to pick me up, we would have had a fat tree. blech)
we went to fredrickos, nada. we went to the one by Planted Earth. NADA.
Then a man told us of another one... one that had nothing BUT this magical  kind of tree.
and we found it.
our perfectly tall & skinny Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. 
(more pictures to come, for SURE)
I can't wait to get hitched, and start my own lovely Christmas traditions.
I will ask nothing more of my husband, if we can just get a REAL TREE.
Give a shout out (or don't) if you get a real tree, and we can be best friends.
ok Happy christmas, harry!


  1. My family always, always got a real tree. Michael's family did not. I will give you a warning about this: I always said similar things also, because obviously getting a real tree is a better tradition than a fake one! However, very sadly we purchased a fake Christmas tree this year. We've had kind of a stressful time the last few months money wise and I felt it would be in our marriages best interest to cave into his request for a fake one. We found a really great deal on a nice looking, not too small one. It made me sad, but in the long run I think it was better. And, he swore on our unborn grandchildren's lives that we could get a real one next year. Marriage is all about compromise. Best of luck to you!! I hope you just find someone that also loves real Christmas trees. Then you can just avoid the whole unpleasantness altogether!! :)

  2. I'm a real tree person allll the way too! Except, I like bushy :) and I can give an amen to no change