I've decided; My obsession with Harry Potter came like, a year too late.
I wish I could have experienced this love LONG before the last movie came out... which is frankly what set it off.
I might be in love with sirius black... ok, maybe not LOVE. But he is DEF my favorite character!
Even when he a psycho on the front page of the Daily Prophet. 
(oh. and please forgive the dad jokes on facebook. siriusly.)
Ok enough about that!
I have been enjoying work this week. that is, until today. All I have to say to everyone in GENERAL... is think before you speak. Good thing my mama taught me this at an early age. (although lately I'll just blurt things out. like, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" ... luckily she was. coulda been awk)
I'm glad I have self control, in what I say. Hopefully I really do... and it's not just in my head!
Only two days of torture to endure next week, and then THANKSGIVING BREAK!
I don't know what to expect, with both of my sisters being married. I'm glad they're happy though.
oh, and in case you haven't been on facebook lately, it's snowing oustide.
OR you could just look out your window.
(ok. I'm guilty of it. but I was the first person of my friends to mention snow. sooo yeah....)
Snow and I have a love-hate relationship. very much so.
Ok, I'm done with this random blabber.
I shall be continuing my harry potter marathon now.
Until I fall asleep. (my hiccups finally went away)
Happy almost thanksgiving!

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