Three weeks till Christmas Break!

I kinda suck at blogging!
Well, I'm not even gonna go into detail on Thanksgiving. Just know, HOLY GREAT. I loved every second of my two-day Thanksgiving.
I am so grateful for my family, it's insane. I'll post the list of thing I'm grateful for, some day. (but knowing me, probably not)
The break has been great. Sad it's over, glad it happened.(hahahaa)
OH! Three weeks till Christmas Break.
My best friend named easton has come back to me, and we reunited twice.
Me and Jessy hung out... more than twice.
I chilled with the Whiteheads a good few times.
And I played with my family most of the time. And I loved it.
I am going to my family ward tomorrow, because technically, if I had gone away to school, I'd be going to my home ward tomorrow. anyways. so. yes.
Sleeeeeeping in IS THE PLAN.
I have like, more than half of my christmas gifts bought. (NOT a result of standing in a monstrous- and violent I've heard- line for back Friday.)
AND I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I always say I wish I was my own best friend, cause... not to brag, but I kind of give awesome gifts.
I'm going to go watch New Girl now (which is what I would do for the rest of my life if I could... that and craft and take pictures and be in comfy clothes. yeah)
OH! PS. The Riverwoods? kind of changed my life tonight. I LOVE IT. I get so excited. I love it. I love christmas. okbye.


  1. ok, New Girl? Best thing. Of my life, possibly.

  2. I KNOW. I heard it's on the cancel list or whatever... I might cry if it goes off the air. I seriously love it.