It's that time of year again!
sore throat on and off for 300 years.
hate that. wouldn't you agree?
I woke up on thursday morning with a feeling in my stomach... no good. not a good feeling. it felt like, and I quote from the text to my mother "My liver and all his friends were yanking my stomach in all different directions. (there was more, but I can't remember. you get the gist)
So that day it was stomach aches.
the NEXT day, my sickliness changed it's mind. It would be congestion, a sore throat and headache for that day's special!
On saturday and sunday, I was FINE.
Today? SORE THROAT IS BACK. I swear. My boss is gon' think I'm a faker. but I did go to work today. so. yeah.
Well I'm going to now go read Harry Potter for 4 hours.

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